FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Lullamate's mission?

Lullamate's mission is to imagine the future.

We want you to join us to commit yourself, to discover yourself, to connect.

You are here to create. The certainty of knowing that life always happens through a magical and diverse connection of circumstances is moving.

You have the confidence to achieve what you want.

There are those who want to walk that path with you, and if history has taught us anything, it is that people can redraw the limits.

What seemed impossible one day becomes impossible the next day..

We share the hope that here you can get something desired.

Here you can find the ideal father or mother for your child, whether or not you are looking for a romantic relationship.

What are the values of the lullamate community?

Lullamate users are mature and pragmatic people with liberating empathy.

They embrace open horizons because they have an honest commitment to evolutionary change.

What is the difference between being a lulla or being a mate?

If you are lulla, you are looking to date to find a sentimental partner who has children in their plans, just like you. You want to fall in love with the future father or mother of your children.

The dates that you are going to have after being a lulla are going to save you a lot of time, because here, in this community, you are only going to meet people who are compatible with you in terms of education, values, profession, culture, character and lifestyle, and the best of everything, they want to be parents!

If, on the other hand, you are a mate, you are looking for a person to share the upbringing of your child under equal conditions and with identical responsibilities, without having to share a romantic relationship, or share an address, or seal any sentimental relationship a priori.

Our mate users are all those people who want to have a child, but don't know how to do it. Here you can find an alternative to see your dream materialized.

What are our essentials?

At lullamate we care about what is really important. Our essentials is a very easy and quick questionnaire to answer that will help us to know a little more about you. With the collection of this information we help our algorithm to only search for candidates, within the application, that are compatible with you.

We are going to ask you about your DNA, LOCATION, LIFESTYLE, TIME, RELIGION, PROFESSION, MONEY and FAMILY. When you finish this questionnaire, you will also have access to the information of your candidates and only then will you meet the true love of your life, your son.

Don't hesitate to ask

We are available to answer any question related to your experience at Lullamate.